Friday, December 02, 2011

"Lukin" by Pearl Jam AND Yesterday on Heralds

"Lukin" is such an odd song. Yeah...

Yesterday on Heralds (

Twig dscovered that his various stays that he relied on to guide his action compass, as it were, do not exist. His army, the Zombie Corps, is lost--the War has been over for years--his family wants nothing to do with him. All he has left is a granddaughter's wish that the cold world might be warmed, and he has a name to put to a faceless enemy: Ferryman. Ferryman is the god of death. Not that our hero finds that disouraging in the slightest.

This is a variation on the classic Call to Adventure portion in the Hero's Journey defined by Joseph Campbell. Campbell's observations of myth suggest that the hero ought to deny the call to adventure. I'm writing it so that Twig embraces adventure. He has been left in the cold, literally and figuratively, by the mightier-than-thou powers that be who would have called him to adventure. Left to his own devices, Twig decides his own adventure, Jason Bourne style.

Granola of the day: Cinnamon Raison.

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