Monday, June 15, 2009

First Submission of "Totem"

Stardate 16609.7/the Year of Our Lord 2009, June the 15th


Dear Aspiring Writers, Web Lurkers, and Fellow Nerds of the future,

Today is a notable day because this is the day on which I submitted the short story "Totem" to a magazine for the first time. From here we will track its progress. I'll write you all again on the day that it is rejected/accepted, or when I submit it again, or if I ever edit it again, or if it gets picked up by a movie studio, or something. So we'll have scientific evidence to actually see how long this stuff takes. If I forget to do so then feel free to remind me. I am talking to you. Yes, you. Not him. You. Okay, now we've cleared that up, on to the next thing.

This story has taken me a long time to get into the tube. The first draft was something like...what, last November? Been a while. Longer than is justifiable, I believe, with a short story. It's the second story that I've submitted to a magazine, and that one took a long time as well. I decided, however, to take my time with this one, just to allow myself to feel prepared and comfortable. The next one I'll take as drastically less time as I can, maybe try and shock myself, speed the process. That'd be cool.

Good luck, writers of the future.



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Debbie said...

Fingers crossed for you.