Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Demon of Air: inspired by a fright

I had this series of dreams about this dude. A green dude, not too big, who wore brown pants and nothing else. He was hairless, and had bitty horns sticking out his head, like a devil dude. He could fly around, had a huge sword, and like to terrorize nearby yokels. I don't know if he ate their cattle or stole their virgins or what, because I woke up pumping adrenaline before I saw the end. Scared me frightened.

Over the next few weeks I have some more dreams about this same guy. The Demon of Air felt like his name, although I thought it a pretty dumb name. More characters were introduced: an older guy in a suit who was chasing the Demon of Air for some reason, who had this younger woman with him. I figured it was his daughted, but I don't know just yet.

These two people chased the Demon of Air around, in a sort of Van Helsing, vampire hunt type deal, and I kept waking up with a start before the dreams ended, so I don't know why they were. I watched the action from trees, mostly, sitting on branches and looking down and things, so I guess I was like a fourth character. There was this one scene where the Demon sat in a white, plastic chair, in the middle of an outdoor basketball court--I don't know what that was all about--and the old guy and young woman caught up to him, and they talked. I sat in a tree nearby. I can't remember what they said, but I'm sure it was good.

These dreams woke me up in the middle of the night--scared me. It was the Demon of Air who did. And yet, I dreamed up in these dreams a scarier, feral version of the guy. Same size, same shape, but like...red and slimy.

Dreams are weird.

I want to write this story out as a story. So this blog is meant to get the juices flowing on this Demon of Air.


-John said...

what are they putting in your food?

D.B. deClerq said...

At first I read it as Demon of Ali, and I thought maybe she'd recruited minions.

Jenny said...

No, the Demon of Ali will be the name of my biography when I'm a famous writer and she pushed me to it.

I think John's got a valid question though. I get all kinds of weird dreams when I eat turkey. Thanksgiving is always an interesting night of terror.

Ali said...

Minions? What minions? I'm totally innocent on that count, I promise.

Turkey = nightmares. Hrm... That entertains me.