Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wobble and Emphasis

One thing that I don't miss about wearing glasses is the wobble. The phenomenon that occurs when I wag my head--too look to my left, say--and the things I see are crunched a little in the edges of the lense. Thereby the swift moving of the head simulates a wobbling or wavering in what I see, because the oddity isn't apparent except when I'm moving.

I've just noticed that I reflexively blink every time I shift my gaze from the screen to the keyboard and vice versa. I wonder if I might have developed a sort of reflex to not see this wobble. An odd sort of testament to us humans trying to keep the world from appearing strange because it unsettles us, if one develops a reflex to block out an odd visual imput.

One thing that I do miss about glasses is the range of emphatic gestures that they include. Taking them off with the sternness of stern looking, for instance. I never utilized my glasses in the emphatic gesturing as much as I now wish I would have. I did do the incredulously looking over the top thing. And I would take them off and rub my eyes tiredly, then leave them off to give weight to my fatigue thing. But such avenues as the poking myself in the eye twice because not everyone noticed my humiliation the first time move I never managed.



The One and Only John said...

Don't worry, little man, one day you'll be as cool as me ;)

Nickel Halfwise said...

He he. I remember that whole fatigue thing...I always wondered how much of it was real and how much an act.