Monday, April 02, 2012

Multi-Tasking, While Impossible, Still Sounds a Good Idea

Those two or three fans of my novel will be pleased to hear that it's going beautifully, after a fashion. I'm making progress upon it in leaps and zig-zagging bounds, which is possible it turns out. The writers reading this blog, however, will agree that working on the same project for too long all by itself can make imagination fester in stagnation, and I have been working on the same novel for a very long time. Lately I've been having the problem that I'm second guessing my novel. I'm ironing that out, righting wrongs and things. Anyone who's seen any of it knows there's a lot of imagination in the fantasy, and it will continue to need imagination. I'm too close to it and I'm missing things. The response many people have to this situation is a temporary abandonment of the project. That route is distasteful to me. To save it, however, I need to do something that aids in restoring my perspective. I think I've lighted on the solution.

Short stories. Lots of them. I'm going to remind myself of my novel daily, but I'm going to bring my study of creating short fiction to the forefront of my creative attention. That's it. Not too complicated. I seem to go on a kick like this every now and then, usually with more confidence than the last time. We'll see how this one goes.

Send me a message if you feel like your idea is the next big thing but you don't want to write it yourself. I might look at it.

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