Sunday, January 01, 2012

"Immortality" by Seether Is a Cover

This is a skillful cover of "Immortality" by Pearl Jam. I like this song. I like the Pearl Jam version too. They're different but both good.

I'm featuring the Pearl Jam version in the sort of meditation soundtrack thingy to my novel. I'm not sure what purpose it will serve or how it will be executed but I'm compiling a soundtrack to my novel. I like music. It helps me think in pictures and I think that the poetry sometimes adds to the story. "Immortality" for instance is about the darker side of immortality, which is a major theme in my novel. I've decided to make Pearl Jam's "Immortality" the opening track of my novel's soundtrack--a decision I may rethink, but it's a good idea right now. This decision has led me to ask myself a few questions. First, is this too obvious a choice so that people will be tipped off about the whole rest of some of the more mysterious parts of the novel? Second, will anyone even notice ever? Third, does anyone ever think about this kind of stuff? I don't know.

Okay, yeah, go new year!

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