Monday, January 09, 2012


In the name of efficiency, I'm shortening the damn word to "fish." So shut up.

"Fish" is when you get shit done fast without leaving shit out. (I'm listening to Keith Richards' autobiography read by Johnny Depp. Cope.) Ain't much needs be said about fish. Everyone's got their own idea about how to do it, but the damn word means doing shit fast without leaving shit out however the hell you do it. Weird part is when cats run around ignoring rules of fish for their own no doubt nefarious reasons. There's skeazeballs everywhere guilty of flagrant unfishincy--left-lane grannies, coffee shop nerve-wrecks, diner Sallies. In literature cats ignoring good fish spend their energies in fantasy, building worlds that ought to take care of themselves and explaining fascinating characters that capture the imagination and never do a damn thing till you've pissed off to watch some film or other. Fantasy bloat they call the act of spitting on good fish. Fucking annoying.

Whether I succeed or nay, my pledge to you my droogs, made with blood and piss and fuck all, is to make a hell of a charge at a smooth story. If it burns on reentry then it'll be a bright show.

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