Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"B is for Brutus" by The Hives AND Alternative Brands

Today's tip: Check the ingredients of the food you buy. If the ingredients are few and you can pronounce most of them then it is a scientific fact that product is better for you than anything with lecithin or dihydrates in it. Also, avoid anything partially hydrogenated, super-pasteurized, or bleached and enriched; these words mean, "I am mass produced--I don't care about you or my employees, and I was made far, far away. Additionally, my recipe was invented when storage containers and refrigeration technology failed frequently, so I don't go bad easily. And, honestly, do you really want to be eating me if even mold stays away from me? Be honest." With refrigeration and packaging the way it is, hydrogenation, super-pasteurization, and bleaching enriching are no longer necessary. Jus' keep your fridge closed and pronounce your ingredients.

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