Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Third submission of "Totem" and the speech

Stardate 21230.6/The Year of Our Lord 2009, September the ninth


Dear folks,

It was actually two days ago. On Monday. All very exciting.

This afternoon I gave an ad libbed speech on the subject of how the Dalai Lama supports the fact that civilization rests on the curiosity of writers. Giving a speech on that topic off the cuff is kind of exciting, I tell you no lie. I think I totally muffed it. I was able to speak clearly, annunciate all my words, and I managed to hit all my points and in the right order without getting lost. That was good. But it wasn't MOVING--unless it was, and I just couldn't hear it. All I know for certain is that no one laughed at the funny parts, and no one told me afterward what they thought. Now I don't know where I messed up, or if I did. I can't tell where I need improvement.

Still, it was essentially my first speechifying gig, and I actually did it. I feel like I've accomplished something today.


Bouncy Mind


Ali said...

Cheers. Even if you didn't get a standing ovation, it sounds like you did pretty all right.

Debbie said...

Just being able to get up there and do it without fainting is a win in my book.