Friday, May 09, 2008

How easy you make that appear.

"My neural pathways have become accustomed to your presence,"--Data

I have discovered that I am, in fact, an android. I do not know what consitutes a good smell.

I have discovered, though, that lilac musk is highly stimulating.


The One and Only John said...

Next time I see you, I will disconnect your ocular processors from your neural net and shove them up your algorithmic analyzation node.

Oz, the Mad said...

There are no orifices in my algorithmic analyzation node, and my ocular processors are only indirectly connected to my heural net. You will not find it an easy process.

The One and Only John said...

You sir, underestimate my obstinacy. I will make it work, mark my words.

Mishell said...

You know, there are worse things to be than an android (especially a Data-based one.) You could be the bathroom attendent at a chili festival, or the guy who scraps gum off the bleachers at stadiums, or goo, or Britany Spears.