Friday, September 07, 2007

A reason why I write, and one of the problems thereof

One reason that I write is because I like stories. Telling them, and hearing or reading them. Therefore, I write stories which I like to hear.

Which is sort of a no duh. Except that I don't really write stories entirely because I want to share. It's all cool-cool to share, to have people read my stuff and enjoy it, and even think about it. But that's sort of a perk. I write stories which I like to read.

So this happens: I write something, then learn there are issues with it--other people often point them out to me. Then I spend a few hours improving it, and in the process retell the story to myself in this better form. At this point I've as good as read it. That, by itself, gives me a good deal of satisfaction--almost the same satisfaction as reading something really good. And, thusly, revision becomes sort of a chore, because I've already read it.

I've been having issues motivating myself to revise.

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