Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden Is Politically Specific and Annoying

My little brother is asking whether the songs of the day are ever inspired by stuff that's going on in my life. They pretty much aren't, except sometimes, and that's rarely. Anyhow, here's "Run to the Hills," a politically specific song that speaks for Native Americans. Native Americans are a minority group sometimes over represented by the rock and roll community. The whole hippie movement tried to live in a Native American inspired way without understanding what that meant. This song always annoys me because Iron Maiden are white dudes. (Weird thing to say--Iron Maiden are white dudes. Heh. Grammar.) As far as I know none of them have any real relationship to any Native American group. I could be wrong, though. Politically preachy songs annoy me unless they can truthfully speak from the group for which they are appealing.
Good guitar riffs, though.

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