Monday, December 05, 2011

"Lots of Drops of Brandy" by The Chieftains and Their Talent for Coaxing

Today's literary concept: Coaxing.

There are two ways of educating people: hammer tactics, and magic tricks. Hammer tactics are things like dramatic demonstrations and perfectly outlined theses and stuff where argument and thought are impossible. Magic tricks are far more insidious.

To educate with a magic trick, the student must believe they came up with the answer themselves. They must be caught and led to an answer and feel like they figured it out half a moment before the teacher gives them the last detail.

Of course, sometimes the tactics are the same.

"Lots of Drops of Brandy" wasn't supposed to be the song of the day. The song of the day doesn't exist on youtube, though, so the literary concept is not very well supported.

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