Monday, November 07, 2011

Silk and the Song of the Day

Haven't yet decided on the song of the day today. But I have decided that Silk is hard to write. He's a crazy person. Getting into his head is frustrating.

Silk is on of my characters. He's a hit man and he's a little too dangerous and untied to try to control. He's kind of like Will Smith's bigger brother, as far as his looks and personality, with a little of Samuel L. Jackson attitude, Morgan Freeman voice, and Tyr Anasazi grooming. He wears red velvet with gold brocade because he's a rich person who likes to be rich. He wasn't always rich. He tussled his way up through all of the Somolianesque pirates in the farthest south reaches of the world until he gained a level of prestige that allowed him to trade on his name--not a good name, more a frightening one at that point. He's never bored. He's too crazy to be bored. But he does like to push and do the next big thing.

I have the song of the day, but I have no idea what it's called. Damn. It's just playing in my head over and over again. I can't remember any of the words, though, so it's doing me no good, except to just haunt me! Damn it.

Silk hears voices. They're hallucinations and delusions and they always talk to him. He hates them and fears them, and they tell him to do various things. He has always tried to ignore them--run from them--quiet them. Recently, he has decided to embrace them, and see what happens.

Damn song of the day. Grr.


Silentiea said...

He's the Moor from Robin hood, by the way. Not sure if that's what you were going for at all, but that's what I got. A big black man who could kill you with a pinky, but still has the disarming smile of a smuggler or rogue.

Oz, the Mad said...

That totally works!