Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Silk and Digger: Will Smith and Loki

Some of my critics have told me that Silk's character and Digger's could blur too easily. They're both strong fighting men, both of them are sure who they are and what place in the world is theirs. There are a couple similarities that are less apparent that they have as well: they both have a mission and they both carry a divinely placed chip on their shoulders. These things are true, and they do present the difficulty that when I write them they'll talk similarly and act similarly.

I've decided that the similarities are intentional and that I'm going to explicate them. In order to explicate them and not be useless by having two characters, though, I'll emphasize what makes Digger different from Silk. Such as Digger being the heir of a long and prestigious heredity while Silk is an orphan who clawed his way from the pits of pirate brigs to the top--Silk is a mythic hero still alive who's done it all and nears his peak, and Digger is a greenhorn still living out his novitiate--Digger is a thin, poetic-minded celtic-type redhead, and Digger is a beefy Somalian pirate/kid from the hood who got out. One of the biggest differences between them is Silk is on a personal quest, while Digger understands his to be globally significant--as well as personal, but especially global compared to Silk's.

I don't know. It should work out. I think they're more foils than similar. I hope to play them well off each other.


Silentiea said...

So silk is the Kingpin and Digger is William Wallace? Got it.

Oz, the Mad said...

Pretty much.