Monday, November 28, 2011

"Le Disko" by Shiny Toy Guns AND Ferryman's Companion

In addition to all the other random, this shall serve as a companion text to the novel segments I'm posting to A Book of Ferryman's Heralds, found here:

Yesterday's update to Heralds covered our hero, Twig, coming to the realization that he's forty years in the wrong time. He daughter, who he only just met, is forty and a widow, the Widow Lockwood; his granddaughter, Trilby, is pregnant. The baby's father is the Son of the Wiga, or the Wiggend Lordling, a prestigious warrior blessed by the gods to have great fighting skills.

Widow Lockwood has lived a hard life. She's fought for everything she has with no help from Twig. Twig's absence hindered more than it helped. She bears him no good will.

Twig has trouble feeling happy. Discovering that he has a granddaughter and she's a good natured soul and pregnant with a daughter raises him slightly from melancholy, though.

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