Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today's Adventure: Baking and Glam

I am in the process of two things right now: outlining a paper for school on the subject of being a self-taught type dude, and encouraging a young lassy to open a bakery in a few years. My dear friend, Sarah, wants to open a bakery. She's still in high school, so it'll be a while before she starts. There's a lot of preparation she can do now, though. She's in the process I'm sure of collecting recipes and learning baking techniques and learning about how bakeries are run and what sorts of decoration she likes and getting herself all psyched up about it--always important. There's a lot of proactivity that she can do now that would end up looking a lot like how she probably already lives her life, and I was about to encourage her to write her adventures down so that she could see her progress. However, I stopped myself because I remembered that just because I keep track of my thoughts that way doesn't mean everyone does. Which reminded me that I haven't updated my blog recently, and it also inspired me to think of this theme: Adventures of a Young Writer on the Road to Publicationfulnessousness. That was too long a title, obviously...

I've been trying to solve the following dichotomy: I am compelled to write a blog. However, I am also compelled to avoid being trivial. However, I am also young and ignorant and have very little to add to most of the conversation on the topic of my expertise--the English language. Everything that ought to be said about it have already been belabored ad nauseum, blah blah, what do I have to add? Not often very much. Not in any general sense, at least. What I can add to the conversation are things specific to my experiences. The things I might add become either obscure or stereotypical and still provide nothing.... Until now.

See, here's something I see very little: a real-time feed of the experiences of a young writer feeling his way to publication. I've been reading a lot of David Bowie literature, though, and I've been deciding that the only difference between successful weirdoes and weirdoes is a good story about a fist-fight and some dedicated being. So as often as I can I shall update this blog with not only the usual drivel but also sporadically illuminating episodes regarding the things I've learned that move me toward being the Neil Gaiman of my generation.

Today's lesson: be better and more confident than the next guy down the line. Maintain an awareness of my skills and encourage myself to keep working at this damnably difficult language. Why could I not have been born German? Ye gods. English. Psh...

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