Thursday, July 02, 2009

Second submission of "Totem"

Stardate 18409.6/The Year of Our Lord 2009, July the second


Dear persistent pariahs of proud pedigree,

I've just submitted "Totem" a second time. I slightly redrafted the first two paragraphs because the last ones didn't feel good. It's hard writing a first paragraph when I feel like the rest of the story is, more or less, completed. Kind of hard to go back, after reading the whole thing and seeing what it says, and try and encapsulate the message in a paragraph when you've just seen evidence that it took you twenty pages to put your message across. Odd dichotomy. But things gotta starts someplace.

Anyhow, fingers crossed.


Lord Pandaman

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Nickel Halfwise said...

Congratulations. I haven't submitted anything for a long time. Anyway, have you told me about this story or have I read any previous drafts of it?