Monday, March 16, 2009

Those greats, and these greats

I wonder which rock and rollers Mozart would listen to. I expect he'd like Queen, would Mozart. There's possibly enough musicallity in that stuff to entertain him. I bet Mozart would like the Stones as well; I bet he and Kieth would have a rip-roaring time. And the Stones have all the class. Pink Floyd: Mozart would love Pink Floyd.

Beethoven would probably listen to the Ramones. The Ramones are loud enough. Not just that, but Beethoven really got into this idea of revolution. He'd probably listen to the Sex Pistols too.... Beethoven probably wouldn't listen to a lot of different music, actually. Beethoven had the music in his head.

Charles Baudelaire would like Rob Zombie. I don't know too much about Baudelaire or Zombie, just a sort of attitude. They both seem nose-thumbingly pseudo-misanthropic enough, and thrilled enough at carnage, that probably Baudelaire would get all kinds of fun from Rob Zombie.

Queen Elizabeth I would listen to the Beatles, of course. She'd like them for being English. I expect she'd hate Elvis, or make fun of him anyway, just because the man wasn't that smart. I bet that Bess would listen to AC/DC too; turn it up loud and force everyone else to listen along. AC/DC is probably shocking enough for Queen Elizabeth.

Alexander the Great ought to listen to Steppenwolf. I think he'd do well with Steppenwolf, but I don't know a lot about the guy's mind so I ain't sure.

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