Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spider webs and depth perception

The other day reality bent, and I blame it on spiders. I was sitting in my dining room, and in the window three strands of spider silk hung, reflecting the sun. They were all three of them parallel to each other, in a straight line and like stripes. And the sun reflected off of them.

Because of the angle of the sun, because of the angle of me and the distance of my eyes between the strands of web.... Because of that, in my left eye, I could see only the middle of the three webs, and in my right eye I could see both the others, one above and one below.

My mind saw this, and tried to consolidate. My mind tried to merge what my left eye saw with what my right eye saw, tried to make only one strand of web...or only two...or only one...and all the time, the surrounding world wouldn't fit into the picture! All that was bent. None that straightened straightened right. I failed to understand or comprehend and my mind dissolved into osmosis, and my brain dribbled out my nose...

The end.


Jenny said...

That actually explains quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

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