Sunday, November 23, 2008


"I wish I could write something imaginative like that,"--Pearl

I wonder about people who say they haven't got the imagination to write fantasy. Strangely, that seems to be what a good many people I've spoken to complain of: not having imagination sufficient to write fantasy.

To a point...I suppose it's actually a valid complaint. I've always considered fantasy one of the easiest things to write, but I suppose my reason was that fantasy required the least amount of education. I guess it does require the most imagination because it has the least basis in what is, has been, and is expected. But that always seemed liberating to me, rather than daunting.

I suppose there's something to be said for limitations, however. I'm thinking about deadlines now, and how there are times when trying to get something done before a particular and extremely immovable date can spur one to do spectacularly end-having things. And also I can think of times when I've had a deadline and a specific set of parameters to write a piece inside of and have subsequently actually finished, and finished quickly, if not particularly excellently.

Maybe some people require the rules. Rules do limit choices. And when you have few enough choices the way forward can be comfortingly clear. I guess if there's only one way possible to write something then it shouldn't be that much effort to write. Not much to think about with only one possibility.

Personally, I like breadth of confusing possibility. But I guess now I've gotten to the end of my blog I can kind of see the perspective of not believing one has enough imagination to write fantasy.

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Jenny said...

I enjoy fantasy because, like you said, you don't need to do background research on anything...though nowadays you almost have to do more reading so you don't accidentally create what someone else already sort of created but is almost your idea, but not really.