Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I, Q?

Q...what is it about our language that has made this letter uncommon? It's as good as many letters, and better than some. It certainly looks nicer than K, and there's more fun to be had out of it than T. Admittedly, it isn't as controversial as R, and hardly more controversial than C, although it rubs shoulders with the middling controversy of L. Because, though, the spheres of influence between Q and L are so disperate, this isn't as prestigeous as it might be.

I think I really know why Q is so uncommon. It's because it's a fake letter, more or less. It's a letter that came about through accidents, typos back in the writing era, and pseudo-organization. It's a new letter, like Y it's compensating for ignorant authority, and like J making noises it ought not for ignorant peonage.

From this point forward, I'm making it my missions to reform the alphabet. The current one is a mess. Sheesh.

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