Sunday, August 03, 2008

Order of WTF

Know what I wonder is the order that the internet chooses to ping various networked together websites about different alerts.

Like the "you have facebook e-mail" e-mail you get in your attached e-mail account.

If you're plugged into YIM, does YIM get the alert that you got an e-mail before your e-mail account gets an alert that you got an e-mail in your facebook? I feel pretty certain that YIM gets pinged before your e-mails get to your inbox. In which case, what the hell is up? It isn't as if knowing that you have an e-mail does you the slightest good without actually HAVING the e-mail. It's sort of stupid.

Yep. I ask the tough questions. The really biting issues. I ask the questions that nobody else thinks up.


The One and Only John said...

The reason why you think of things other people don't is not the reason you may be thinking of there, kemosabe.

Ali said...