Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anansi the Movie

Mark Knopfler gets to write the sound track for Anansi's movie.

I'm thinking about three things in the context of the Anansi story--aside from the actual writing parts, three things. I'm thinking of what I'm going to change Anansi's name to. I think mentore made a good point when she pointed out that people, even if they didn't make a point to, would powerpointpresent/make connections between my Anansi and other Anansi depictions. The reason I chose that name originally was because I was introduced to stories of Anansi wherein he was most emphatically described as a storyteller, and I wanted to write a story about a storyteller. Thus far being a storyteller is a big part of Anansi's character, as I see him, and it plays on his decisions a great deal through the story as far as I've written it. However there hasn't been a lot of depiction of the storyteller aspect of his character.

I'm going to change his name. Until the end of this first draft, however, it'll stay the same. But I've started thinking about it. I'm thinking Diego at the moment.

I'm also thinking about the title of the story. Originally, the title of the story was Anansi the Fringe King, which, again, is a big part of Anansi's character in my head. But, again, not heavily depicted. Which was something, I don't know, but I must have thought of that early on since I changed the title to what it is now. But I keep saying the title and tripping over it. There's insufficient flowage. I think flowage has something to be said toward catchiness. I like catchy titles. But, again, I'm keeping the title how it is until I finish with the draft I'm on. I want something, eventually, that evokes claustrophobia, wanting to break out, and dampness, and darkness, and sadness, and hope, and glimmeringnessousness, and Graffiti's character at the same time.

The other thing that I'm thinking about is Anansi. I haven't put much of any physical description of him in the story so far. I have a pretty clear image of him in my mind, and because there haven't been, really, any complaints about me leaving out physical descriptions of him from any you pirates I suppose you folks must have an idea what he might look like as well. And I'm sort of curious how you do see him, because even if it doesn't really play into the plot, if you're totally going in the wrong direction with him then the next go-round I'll have to make something to see.

I'm hungry...


Debbie said...

Whit, I haven't read any of your story, but right now I see him as an old black man with yellow gloves and jaunty hat. Have you read Anansi Boys? Gaiman goes a lot into the storytelling aspect of Anansi--it's key to the plot.

His book shouldn't necessarily stop you from writing one about the same character. Seems like you have a good handle on how you see him.

Good luck with it.

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Ali said...

The reason nobody's commented on how Anansi looks is, since you haven't described him, we've all decided for ourselves. I can guarantee that my mental image is not yours. Thus, the problem with leaving out physical description.

Diego? Really? Now I'll be thinking about Ice Age all day.

As far as the storyteller allusion goes, there are different ways you can play it, depending on levels of subtlety. Were it me, I'd probably name the character after one of my own favorite storytellers, and let the reader either figure out the allusion or not. I'd know who I meant. Or, less subtle - name him after a fairly famous story teller.

What do you think of calling him Dante? William? Euripides?

Debbie said...

Uncle Remus?

Jenny said...

Andersen. (Andy for short)