Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Alice!

Alice Cooper. Rockstar, personal buddy of Kieth Richards, possibly Ozzy Osbourn, and Satan--according to his announcer--and proud husband of one Sharyl Goddard, now Sharyl Cooper for thirty-two years, and mother of three little Alices.


So rockstars can pretty often have pretty stable relationships. Hmm.

Let us examine, what is a rockstar? A poet. A rage against the man poet. An "I am me--screw the world" poet. Which means what? We're talking self aware, here. We're talking self-awareness taken to an uttermost. We're talking understanding of oneself. Oneself being pretty damned messed up...but one not being a stranger of one, if that makes any sense. Most people, I have observed, have some confusion about who they are and what place they want to or feel that they can fill in the world. But rockstars have that figured out.

So where have we gotten so far? We've established that rockstars are honest. And what, little children, do Hollywood and other echelons of propagandist society agree with experience and reality on what sorts of things working relationships work best upon?

I'm just some kid, but honesty is one of the words I hear a whole bunch.

Rockstars is poets. Poets do poetry because they want to put the inexpressible into words. An emotional and romantic business, no matter how loud you shout it.

So rockstars are emotional honest people.... Why are we surprised they have working marriages? Maybe it has something to do with the eyeliner.


Ali said...

Um... before you go generalizing like that...

Jim Morrison, anybody?

No, I'm not sold yet on the rockers as stable relationship material. Alice is super cool, but I would probably argue that he's an exception, not the rule.

Drugs, drugs, booze, and groupies. Not necessarily the cornerstones of building stable personalities.

Debbie said...

Mick Jagger?
Keith Moon?
Steven Tyler?
Kurt Cobain?
Rod Stewart?

Part of the fun of Alice Cooper is that he's more Ozzie Nelson than Ozzie Osbourne (and he's said that himself). The stage persona was just that--an act. So, opposite of honesty and being oneself.

Please refer to my post about the study of 'crazy' artists. Poets rank highest the emotional/mental issues scale (depression, bi-polar, etc. etc.) As Ali says, not exactly the best basis for great relationships.

Jenny said...

Depends on your definition of 'stable' I suppose. Though your poet argument is a little closer...because poets are psycho.