Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Propagandist Reality

For a little while, I thought that I did not exist.

I had lost my birth certificate and my sociel security card and my voting registrating and all the receipts I got for any paycheck I ever got and all my school information. And for the longest time I wondered...did I, then, not exist? I mean to say, without a social security number, no birth certificate, would America admit that I was even here?

The state of mind made me think about myself a great deal. How would I really feel if America would not admit that I existed? It felt odd, this state of mind that this homeland country had no connection to me, and I none to it. None to anything. Paper, words, lists, are important for our social reality. Not being on this paper, in these lists, would make one, I think, more real, almost. A less metaphysical, and thusly more tangible blot in space-time.

Jason Bourne, for instance, has no social security number.

Fortunately, I found all my information. I exist again.


The One and Only John said...

No you don't, you're an illusion of yourself. You don't even exist in your own mind.

Oz, the Mad said...

Really? Okay, yeah. That explains quite a bit.