Saturday, February 09, 2008

Klingons have almost all the right parenting ideas

My brothers are yella. Yellow bellied. Why is this? Because they have been taught to value fairness and--oh my god, Paul McCartney is barefoot!

Sorry, lost my train of thought. To resume: Because they have been taught the value of fairness and cooperation. What the hell use to them are those values, I ask you? What use? I shall tell you now why they are of no use: because they assume the unity in community. Something that cannot be assumed. Fairness and cooperation necessity everyone being on the same page. We learn from sci-fi on the subject of utopian society that everyone being on the same page is not only really creepy, it's indicative of an underlying insidiousness which is invariably too terrible to be believed.

Fairness and cooperation are ideas that one believes in, but many must act in motivation of the same for them to come to pass. If an individual is taught fairness and cooperation he will expect it of society, and act in its interest only loosely. If many individuals do the same we are left with what?

Yella bellied hosers, that's what.

To improve society, values must be changed. We must look inward and rediscover honor and integrity. Know one ever really says honor anymore, not in a serious way. It's sad, it's insidious, and it's unfortunate. Because we can only ever really control our own selves. And if we all have integrity, if we all respect and hold honor dear, then fairness will follow, and cooperation will come. And we won't be yella.

Oops, forgot my soap box. I'll be back in a second.

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Nickel Halfwise said...

Well honor and integrity come along with an acknowledgment of truth, which these days is generally lacking. We also--to paraphrase Madeleine L'Engle--rely too much upon the right, intellect side of our brain. It makes less sense out of context, but it's from "Walking on Water", a book about writing I highly recommend.