Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plotting, Fringe King pt. 2

So I'm having a terribly novel experience: success at pre-plotting and outlining. Yes.

I wrote a first page, it was all well and good, and from it I had a character a premise and a locale. I wrote the second page and added characterization, and subplot. Then I got off the computer and spent some several days with a notebook, all over the world practically, free-associatively (that's a putting down ideas of events leading to a conclusive conclusion including climax!

How you like that? Conclusive inclusive climax. Hee. Moving on.

Furthermore, I know what this story is about. Ahead of time. How's that for organized?

Hoo nelly, I'm all totally psyched about this whole taking seriously of writing thing, with these, like, disciplines and processes and whatever.

Special thanks goes out to the good writers of my acquaint who helped me remember doing stuff the way it seems like everyone else is doing stuff is a dumb way to try and always do stuff. To do so is stuffy.



Jenny said...

I, for one, am always on the side of the masses. Always try to do it the way the guy next to you tries to do it. Yep. That's my philosophy.

Nickel Halfwise said...

Wow. Impressive. I'll just be interested to see if it ends up the way you think it will.

As long as you don't try to do what everyone isn't doing and end up doing what they're doing anyway, then you'll be fine. I always find as soon as I read or hear something that is a time-tested bad or difficult or cliché way of doing something, my mind immediately contrariwise begins thinking of a way in which I could break that rule or perceived rule.

I've always thought I took writing seriously. Now I begin to wonder if I've taken it seriously enough...