Thursday, August 30, 2007


I fell ill. Rather suddenly, at eight seventeen on Tuesday evening. Just a sort of cold, which began as a pesky soreness of the throat, but--through, no doubt, growth stimulants, steroids, and a community college course on being ugly--it soon became a rather detrimental sort of ailment with an unlagging will to make me feel bad.

It's not the soreness or the runny nose or the bleary vision or the weakened grip or the constant fatigue or the lack of focus which really gets me down. It's the loss of short term memory.

I'm sure I had a point.


Debbie said...

Yeah, that's been going around. Wrap a green turban around your head and eat an onion. You'll feel better in no time.

Whittaker Luckless said...

Green, huh? And here I was stocking up on red ones, because I thought the green was passe. Darn.